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Gardening Sydney

Gardening Services Sydney - Front Yard, Back Yard, Commercial & Strata


Gardening Services Sydney - Front Yard, Back Yard, Commercial & Strata

When your garden is in need of professional care, Gardening Sydney is the service you can rely on. We provide a full service for residential and commercial properties ensuring all landscaping requirements are managed. Whether you need us for a once-off pruning or ongoing maintenance, we are available to provide a range of Sydney gardening services.

The management of a garden requires continuous weed removal, lawn mowing, hedge and tree pruning; and general landscaping. Gardening Sydney, is your trusted professional lawn and garden maintenance service. We assist all properties with any size of garden. The cost and scope of service will depend on the condition of the current outdoor area including the dimensions. We will come out to your property to complete an assessment and provide a no obligation quotation.

Garden maintenance can range from trimming a lawn to pruning trees and clearing of excess plant debris. It is our goal to apply the correct tools and techniques to maintain all landscaping. Our professional team can assist in creating a garden oasis by offering expertise on plant selection and placement. If your lawn is not as green and lush as it should be, we offer soil testing to determine pH and nutrient levels for the healthy growth of plants and grass. Every step we take aims to enhance your property and produce a garden that is healthy, strong and well-maintained.

Highly skilled and trained members of Gardening Sydney offer sound advice on the general care of plants, flowers, lawns and trees. We can advise on the steps that you need to take to keep the garden healthy.

While fertilizers are important to sustain plant growth and bud formation, incorrect applications can burn plants and cause significant soil problems. We advise on the proper use of fertilizers, compost, and mulch needed to feed the garden and preserve important moisture conditions in the soil.

Call on Gardening Sydney to assist with clearing landscapes and provide routine maintenance. Our professional team is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in handling gardening services on a small and a large scale.

Allow us to help you create a beautifully landscaped area. Our services range from regular maintenance to designing practical gardens you can manage. Whatever your gardening needs; call on our professional services. We are equipped to provide a broad range of solutions to support a clean and contemporary environment in a reliable and a professional manner.


Garden Services Sydney


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Gardening Sydney is your top choice in clearing the debris and the garden refuse from your property. Utilizing specialized equipment and back by a professional team, we take every effort to address your clearance needs within a timely ...

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Call on Gardening Sydney to assist with clearing landscapes and provide routine maintenance.